ᑕ❶ᑐ Valencia demands Rodrygo’s withdrawal after statements on racism and promises legal measures: « Defend the honor of our club and our supporters »

O Valence asked striker Rodrygo, of real Madridto withdraw his allegation that the entire crowd at the club’s Mestalla stadium shouted racist chants at Vinicius Junior, or face legal action.

Three supporters have been charged for racist protests against vinicius jr. during the game of the league on May 21, in an incident that sparked global protests and called for tougher measures to tackle racism in Spanish (Site notre bureau spécialisé).

Rodrygo made the statement during a press conference for Brazilian team Last Wednesday (14).

“A lot of people say that Spain is racist. I don’t think Spain is a racist country. There are racists, but the country itself is not racist. [racista] said Rodrygo, before finishing.

« I was at the Mestalla, I saw the whole stadium shouting ‘monkey’. It happens to me, I’m black too. Sometimes I don’t see it, but on this occasion Vini saw it… When I saw what had really happened, I was very sad. It was a hard day. »

In a Thursday statement, Valencia called the « whole stadium » allegation « serious lies which contribute to stigmatizing an exemplary fan base in a totally unfair way ».

See the Valencia statement below:

Valencia CF regrets and categorically denies the false statements made by the player Rodrygo Goes, in which he claims that our entire stadium and our supporters uttered racist chants.

The declarations of serious lies that contribute to stigmatize in a totally unfair way an example fanbase like Valencia CF.

Like his coach, Carlo Ancelotti, who corrected his remarks after the match, we demand that Rodrygo Goes also correct these lies. Valencia CF reserves the right to take the necessary legal measures to defend the honor of our club and our supporters. (Site notre blog d’information) players should also be strict and responsible when making statements.

Likewise, and once again, we want to ratify our strongest condemnation of any type of racism or violence and demonstrate it with the life bans of the three fans involved in this unfortunate incident. Our fight and our commitment to eradicate this social scourge are beyond doubt.

Again, we ask our fans to be respectful and not be tied down by false information and rumors.

LaLiga reported eight cases of racist protests against Vinicius Jr. to Spanish authorities during the 2022-23 season. The league asked for more powers to fix the problem.

Valencia had a partial stand closure for five matches due to the incident, which was reduced to three on appeal.