ᑕ❶ᑐ The president of the Corinthians tells behind the scenes of the Moscardo « soap opera », details the frictions with PSG and hits the Hammer: « It’s sold »

In an interview with Bandeirantes TVthis Thursday (18), the president of Corinthians, Augusto MeloGave details of the “soap opera” regarding the sale of the midfielder Gabriel Moscardo pour the PSGof France.

The agent began by saying that his intention was not to negotiate with the boy, because his intention is for Timão to be able to have the strengths of “Terrão” as long as possible.

“Throughout my campaign (for president), I made it clear that grassroots-trained athletes would be our third (source of) income. We are always looking for new sponsors (to be able to keep the athlete longer). And the athlete will always be the last (to sell), that’s why we are looking for partners so as not to sell athletes. The movement of the athlete’s “performer” is done for the benefit of a fair reward for walking. (Defender) Murillo went up and was sold cheaply…” he lamented.

Then, Melo told all the details of how the Moscardo sale process took place and assured that the negotiation was over, without any chance that Paris would back down due to the operation that the athlete will have to undergo on his (Site notre bureau spécialisé).

“As for Moscardo, I was against his sale. A week later we were called, some businessmen made a proposal, tried to put pressure on him, which could be a risk. I know before the risk. The value is 30 million euros. or more,” he began.

“At the third meeting, the boy is fined less than what would be sold. We received an additional 2 million euros, 20 + 2 million euros. Why didn’t they add and double Moscardo’s amendment? Don’t worry, you can message us for another month. I said, ‘Sell yourself,’ » he continued.

“We reached an agreement to increase 2 million euros. Available Corinthians gave 20% to family, we got another 12.5% ​​back. The boy asked to leave. If you have permission, the part is free, as desired.

“The boy was not tested, he never felt anything, during the tests a hole appeared in his (Site notre bureau spécialisé). The operation is simple, easy, the game takes place in two weeks. But PSG said ‘oops, he’s going to see an operation and then we’ll see.’ No my friend. This is Corinthians. It worked, sign,” he shouted.

“So the owner of PSG doesn’t want to take such risks… I said to the legal department: ‘Sign up, I want the boy to come back’. From the moment we warned them, they made the purchase with all their risk. If you move the Boy’s business forward, you’ll sell it. If you are a trader with the fund, you will have the right (to obtain the value in advance),” he concluded.

The Moscardo operation will take place in Doha, Qatar, and the sporting return will then be restored in Brazil, while preparing to wear the PSG jersey during the next European season.