ᑕ❶ᑐ Textor demands ‘end of fighting’ for league in Brazil and defends Flamengo: ‘I don’t like it on the pitch, but…’

Even after announcing that Botafogo will leave the Libra group, which is negotiating the creation of an independent Brazilian (Site notre bureau spécialisé) leagueJohn Textor did not hesitate to publicly praise Rodolfo Landim, who since 2019 has chaired the rival flamenco.

In an interview with the portal ageWhen he clarified that he was bothered by the clubs’ delay in moving forward with negotiations, the American businessman said he had a good relationship with the red-black representative during the Libra process.

« I remember we picked the dates and said ‘Okay, let’s try this solution with all 40 clubs.’ Dates passed, there were more excuses and little progress. Sometimes it was one step forward and two steps back, and we put it off. I remember a joke, when I spoke on the phone with Rodolfo Landim and we chose his birthday, March 24, and they did not respect it”.

In the eyes of the owner of Botafogo SAF, the « small fights » between Brazilian leaders are further delaying the creation of a league in Brazil, impacting the financial development of all clubs.

“I’ve made a lot of money from technology, from television in the United States and from streaming content that’s accessible around the world. I spoke about the promotion of the product of Brazilian (Site notre bureau spécialisé) in the World. I want to promote the Botafogo brand to the world, I can’t do it only through Instagram. Depending on what you do with simple control, commitment and investment in my proprietary media and what you think is fair with Brasileira Liga. I wanted these fights to end.

UN. ESPN reported mid-May that Libra has decided to change an important point of its model for the creation of a Brazilian (Site notre bureau spécialisé) league.

The organization’s clubs have decided to extend the protection clause which previously only protected Flamengo and Corinthians to all teams that are in Serie A in 2025.

The initiative should be seen as an important band against the union with the Forte Futebol clubs. The change ensures clubs that are in Serie A in 2025 will be safe if League revenue in 2025 is equal to or less than 2023, treated as the base year.

Before, only Flamengo and Corinthians, who today are assured of the highest incomes, enjoyed this advantage. UN. ESPN release at the end of April that the measure that protected the two teams with the largest crowd in the country was one of the obstacles to the progress of the negotiations.

The remains at a controversial point in the formation of Libra, which causes unease in the being of the bloc itself and also impacts negotiations with Forte: the unanimity clause established for possible changes in the form of income distribution in the blocks.

It was this point, for example, which prompted Leila Pereira, president of Palmeiras, to publicly criticize Flamengo, defender of the measure. At present, according to the report, there is still no significant change from the theme, which should be treated more carefully by Libra in the future.

“No big club is just going to throw money at the smaller clubs and subsidize the league. And yet, Flamengo have been very flexible when it comes to cutting, even knowing the percentage they should win based on their size,” said the North American.

« Is adjusted the minimum guarantee they would receive, this could have a negative impact on their compared to what they traditionally run with Globo. I know they are very difficult to manage because they are big, successful and have 40 million fans, but Rodolfo was reasonable as a partner in the process and yet we missed all those deadlines.

« I don’t like Flamengo on the pitch, but I have a lot of respect for Rodolfo and his leadership. I think he did everything he could to bring this league back together and I see people getting mad at him and talking about issues from five years ago. This all makes no sense to me.

The idea of ​​the American businessman is to negotiate the media rights of the club separately, betting on the sports-oriented streaming plates.

“The same way the Premier League operates and sells games around the world, so do I. I know how to make more money than Libra people,” he said.

Botafogo next games

  • Fortaleza (C): Saturday (10), 9 p.m. – Brazil

  • cuiaba (F): 22/6, 8 p.m. – Brazil

  • Palm trees (B): 25/6, 4 p.m. – Brazil