ᑕ❶ᑐ ‘Supercharged’ Arena and temporary stadium: What are Barcelona’s plans without Camp Nou

O Barcelona one postponed mallorca 3-0 in the penultimate game of the season the league in a match that marked the farewell to the Camp Nou. The stadium that once housed johan cruyff, diego maradona, ronaldinho, lionel messi and many other (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ing legends will be rebuilt over the next 18 months after years of disrepair.

But what will the club’s plan for the ‘new house’ look like? The president of BarcaJoan Laporta, said that once the renovation is complete, the Catalan club will have « the best stadium in the world ».

The renovation work actually started during the mid-season break for world Cup from 2022. Much of a stand behind one of the goals has been removed, using capacity in the second half of the season from 99,000 to 94,000. Now that the campaign is over, the much needed modernization of the state will start.

Why is Camp Nou closing?

Appearances can be deceiving with the Camp Nou. A drab concrete bowl on the outside gives way to a towering, steep stadium once you enter. But while Europe’s biggest pitch remains impressive, especially on the biggest occasions, it has faded and degraded. The need for development has been evident for a decade now as new stadiums have been incorporated by some of the world’s biggest rivals. Barca – Real Madrid, for example, what happened in a renovated Santiago Bernabéu.

Basically, there were even serious problems with the stadium. O Barca yes played 21 matches in 2019 and 2020 despite serious structural problems. O the vanguard published reports which showed there was a « risk of fragments falling on fans on the catwalks » and called for « immediate action ». Serious lapses in hygiene were also uncovered, as another report noted pigeon nests covered in droppings which were attracting swarms of flies and mites, bird droppings all over the hallways and an accumulation of sediment which had prevailed for years.

Laporta admitted that the stadium was in poor condition in 2021, when he was elected for his second term as president, and that the club needed to take immediate action to pass security checks despite the impending renovation.

What are Barca’s plans for Camp Nou?

The ground renovation plans were first approved by the members of the Barca in 2014, but due to a series of problems – financial, the COVID-19 pandemic, a change of president – ​​the project, which includes the reconstruction of the surroundings of the stadium, is only just getting started. More than 20 different lenders are contributing to the financing of the 1.5 billion euro (7.9 billion reais) project, which will have an increased capacity for 105,000 people.

« The club will start paying for the operation as soon as the stadium works are finished, using the revenue generated by the Camp Nou, which should be around 247 million euros (1.3 billion reais) per year » , said the Barca the last month.

The stadium’s lower levels, which Barcelona say are « state of the art », will be refurbished rather than replaced, but there are plans to install a new third level to increase VIP seating and therefore revenue. The naming rights agreement with the Spotifyalready in force, will also gradually increase in value.

The new stadium will have a roof covered with 30,000 square meters of solar panels – without getting wet when it rains. This energy is used to power the new 360 degree screen that will operate throughout the interior of the stadium, as well as various security systems. In another effort to improve the sustainability of the sun, the water in the water is something that is collected and recycled.

Outside, the hall will include a series of new office complexes and green spaces, as well as an on-site hotel, event spaces, an ice rink and the « Palau Blaugrana » – a smaller pavilion arena that is club house manager. basketball team.

Where will Barca go?

Corresponding to this time, the Barca will be a reluctant tenant at the Stadio Olimpico in the city’s Montjuic district, or its rivals Spanish played between 1997 and 2009. The evolution, the estimate of the Barcawill cost around 90 million euros (€100m) in revenue a year, partly due to the massively reduced capacity of just 50,000 – almost half the number of spectators the Camp Nou can accommodate.

Other questions relate to the location of the arena, which was built in 1927 and renovated in 1989 for use in the 1992 Olympics accessible by public transport. The subscription request accepts the option offered by the club when he is absent from the season and returns to the Camp Nou for a scheduled appointment.

Barca coach Xavi has expressed concern about having to move, saying they will need supporters more than ever to help them avoid losing their sense of home advantage. « It won’t be easy, » he said last weekend.

Xavi’s side have lost just one league game at home this season – a 2-1 defeat against Real Society May 20, a week after the LaLiga champion was confirmed for the 2019 premiere. Barca want to retain the title, they will have to find a way to make Montjuic as much of a fortress as their beloved Camp Nou.

Where to watch Celta de Vigo vs Barcelona in La Liga?

Vigo Celtic e Barcelona compete this Sunday (4), at 4 p.m. (Brasilia time), for the last round of the league. The game will be broadcast peel ESPN not Star+.