ᑕ❶ᑐ Pressure, squad changes and more: commentary Vasco and Flamengo have reversed roles since last meeting

Vasco e flamenco clash this Monday (5), at the Estádio do Maracanã, for the closing of the 9th of the Brazil Championship. The teams are living in opposite situations at the moment and also compared to the last meeting between the teams.

The match was played in the semi-finals of cariocan championship, on March 19 and had Flamengo as winner: 3 to 1 and guaranteed place in the final. However, the São Januário side were going through a good time, with a well-defined 1-11 squad and Barbieri with credit in front of the fans.

On the other hand, who lived with the pressure was Vítor Pereira, who ended up being fired after being second to Fluminense in the final. At the time, the Red-Black team itself was still an unknown quantity, with many changes made by the Portuguese and with different names in the line-up.

With the dynamism that characterizes Brazilian (Site notre bureau spécialisé), not even three months later, the roles were reversed. Vasco, in 19th place in the Brasileirão, has not won for seven games and sees Barbieri heavily criticized by the fans. On the pitch, due to numbers and injuries, it is rare to see the rodrigo trio, Jair and Andrey, highlights against the red-blacks, acting together.

At Flamengo, Jorge Sampaoli arrived and changed the VP team. Mixing the system with three defenses or a line of four, gave a chance to new players and barred some of them. Currently, although still far from what he can carry over, Flamengo has a well-defined base that is a starter in most games.

Wesley, Leo Pereira and Pulgar are clear examples. During the last Vasco x Flamengo, Rodrigo Caio, who played little with Sampaoli, was the starter. On the right, Varela was the Portuguese’s right-hand man, while Wesley took over the job with the Argentine. The main change happened in midfield.

Erick Pulgar was the last option in the sector with Vítor Pereira. Since the arrival of Sampaoli, with whom he worked in the Chilean national team, number 5 has become an absolute starter and has been performing well.

Two still not effective changes like the ones above, but they reinforce Sampaoli’s preference and that didn’t happen with VP. In goal, Matheus Cunha took the job due to Santos’ poor phase. In front, pedro found himself on the bench against Fluminense, chose who did not exist with VP.

Separated by seven points, Vasco and Flamengo are looking for a reaction on the board. Flamengo, currently in eighth position, wants to get closer to leader Botafogo, who lost and has 21 points. A triumph reduces the difference to five. In contrast, Vasco aimed to breathe a slowing sigh and complete the fast without winning since the competition opened.