ᑕ❶ᑐ Pascoal criticizes and says CBF does not respect itself while waiting for Ancelotti: ‘A shame for the greatest team in the world’

The CBF a choice Charles Ancelotti and, even without signing a contract, is convinced that he will have italy as coach of the brazilian national team from june 2024. However, the waiting time for the commander was the subject of debate during the ESPN-FC.

In the opinion of the commentator of the disney channels Pascal OsvaldoO Brazil There is no respect to spend so much time without a coach. And he views the process as a disgrace.

“I think it’s a shame for the greatest team in the world. Wherever you go to ask, they will say that Brazil are the greatest team in the world. We respect each other, Brazil don’t respect each other,” Pascoal said, in conclusion.

“Is Ancelotti brilliant? Yes. Is there corn source guarantee that he will be world champion with Ancelotti? “, he concluded.

Understand the scenario involving Ancelotti and the Brazilian team

Such as ESPN reported, the CBF is convinced that it will have carlo ancelotti as the new coach of the brazilian national team in 2024after Italy’s contract with Real Madrid ended, even without signing a deposit.

Ednaldo Rodriguespresident of the Brazilian (Site notre blog d’information) Confederation, was the one who led the discussions with Ancelotti in Spain, where the team played and won the friendly match against Guinea, by 4 to 1last Saturday (17) – this Tuesday (20), the team returns to the field against Senegalfrom Portugal.

Ancelotti’s contract with Real runs until the end of June 2024. Brazil will already have six matches in the South American qualifiers Ouch world Cupall in 2023.

Next year, the selection has four confirmed friendlies, two in March (one against Spain) and two in June, with or without the presence of Ancelotti, according to the CBF. Also in June will begin the America’s Cupus united states.

With the positive signal from Ancelotti, the entity that governs Brazilian (Site notre bureau spécialisé) is convinced that it will be able to make the new coach work in the competition on North American soil.

Up to the, ramon menezes Should be maintained in interim command of the five-time champion team. It will be him who will command Brazil at the start of the qualifiers. It’s possible that Ancelotti will have someone he trusts in the commission, but there’s still no definition of when he would come.

According to Bruno Vicari, presenter of the channels ESPN not Sunday (18), Davide Ancelotti, son of the Real Madrid coach, is among the names counted for this transition. As with the father, however, there is no final settlement of this possibility.