ᑕ❶ᑐ Neto says Corinthians have ‘resurrected’ Veríssimo and denounces position as defender and businessman: ‘A childish thing’

Oh Corinthians was surprised last Saturday (20) by the news of the departure of Lucas Veríssimo after a proposal accepted by the Benfica derived from Al Duhail.

This Sunday (21), after the victory over GuaraniCorinthians idol and current commentator Neto blasted the defense for the way he left.

“Is this the celebrity type you want? And also chosen: oh, the Corinthians on the offense of not having signed the contract. But the Corinthians had the money to pay the 8 million [de euros]? And in contrast, even for those who don’t know, whatever Benfica’s proposal, he would be released. I played three Paulista matches,” he said.

“It’s great that it’s expulsive on top of everything, the car and the kid coming together – there’s something to be said for pain in the group.” And also chosen: the Corinthians were on a springboard for the light, then they died in Benfica. The Corinthians resurrected him in 20 or 15 years. games,” he continued.

“As a Corinthians fan and even more so as a commentator, everything is fine, you choose your path. Now you will definitely never wear the Corinthians jersey again, because what you did with the Corinthians is a child’s story,” he added.

Neto also approached the player’s agent, Paulo Pitombeira, advising the board to no longer do business with the players he manages.

“If Lucas Veríssimo is concerned, he will devote all his time to the merits of criticism and praise. That’s why he and his manager are stupid. I think you have every right… Now go ahead, wear your jersey to the presentation, it’s on the record,” he said. said.

“If I was Augusto Melo or Rubão, this Paulo Pitombeira would never do another deal with Corinthians again. It would be forbidden. And also chose: who is Lucas Veríssimo? What does he represent for Corinthians in terms of (Site notre bureau spécialisé)? What did he do? The Corinthians almost fell, dammit. He’s a good player, I would love to have him there, but what has he done,” he continued.

“If he is president of Corinthians, Paulo Pitombeira is in a relationship with the club. Because the Corinthians are eternal, I don’t know about them. We don’t. Doing this is child’s work. If he is president, and at the same time he will be, he will participate in the game and in another team, at least permanently.

Loaned in mid-2023, Veríssimo played 18 matches for the club and scored only one goal. Its contrast would run until the middle of the year.

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