ᑕ❶ᑐ « Message » to Wendel, praise for Veríssimo and possible exits: Braz and Spindel open the game on Flamengo on the market

The window of the second half of the flamenco it’s quite hectic. arrive a black heading Agustín Rossi, Allan and Luiz Araújo. Claudinho and Nicolás De la Cruz are still in sight, while other names could be on the agenda or even leave the Rio de Janeiro club.

This Monday (3), Marcos Braz, vice-president of (Site notre bureau spécialisé), and Bruno Spindel, director of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) of the club, held a long press conference and discussed the transfer market for the second half.

O ESPN.com.br a separate all topics submitted to the directors of Flamengo answered and provided details to the sports fan.

See this lingerie:

Flamengo not interested in Wendel

braz: Flamengo has no interest (in Wendel) and won’t have my contact. There has been no contact from us and we, at least I, will not make contact.

Do you sort?

braz: For me, it has absolutely nothing to do with (Varela). These conversations between coaches and players whether they are used or not, they always happen, they are situations that change. Varela is a world cup player, Uruguay national team, is part of our team. If you are not satisfied, talk to us, not Varela, anyone. He has absolutely nothing.

Lucas Verissimo on the way?

Spider: Lucas Veríssimo is a good player, but there are no open negotiations with him. But he’s a good player.

Vidal leaves?

braz: Nothing has officially arrived from Vidal, neither officially nor officially. There is nothing.

Did Bruno Henrique renew the contract?

braz: Bruno Henrique doesn’t need comments, he doesn’t need any kind. When the time comes, we’ll talk to him. We are expected, he is from home, he has always helped us, he is helping us now, we think he will have no problem continuing.

Can the boys leave Flamengo at the window?

braz: We don’t know if we have or will have losses. Flamengo will do everything possible to continue with a solid team, not losing anyone, anything, any player. But sometimes that’s not possible. Sometimes, for various reasons, there may be intercurrences. Also, your question very much depends on what that window will be. Flamengo is very on the contracts he makes. There is no player that we are not staying at a table because of the contract fines that put Flamengo in a negotiation. We are very calm and safe. What Flamengo wants to do is preserve the titles we have. This is the commitment and request of President Rodolfo Landim.

Flamengo’s next matches:

  • Athletico PR (C) – 05/07, 21:30 (from Brasilia) – Brazil Cup

  • Palm trees (F) – 07/08, 9 p.m. (from Brasilia) – Brasileirao

  • Athletico PR (F) – 07/12, 21:30 (from Brasilia) – Brasileirao