ᑕ❶ᑐ Judge says ‘it is inconceivable’ that Xland stones are worth BRL 2 billion and rejects Willian Bigode’s request to unfreeze the accounts

In a decision handed down this Friday (28), Judge Christopher Alexander Roisin, of the 14th Civil Court of São Paulo, rejected a request from the defense of Willian « Bigode » to unblock the attacker’s accounts.

The athlete, real in Athletico PRsaw his assets blocked on April 12 by Justice, come watch it ESPN. Subsequently, the player’s bank accounts had nearly 2 million BRL stopped, as the report also revealed.

Willian’s defense all called for the release of the assets, saying Xland, company accused of applying cryptocurrency scam to midfielder Gustavo Scarpa and right-back Maykewould have sufficient guarantees to reimburse the money lost by the actors of the scheme.

The collateral, in this case, would be the 20.8 kg pouch of gemstones that are delivered to a safe deposit box in Sao Paulo. According to an assessment made by a gemologist at the request of Xland, they are worth 500 million US dollars (nearly 2.5 billion reais, at the current exchange rate), although the cryptocurrency company only paid 6,000 reais, as shown by ESPN on March 28.

In his decision, pendant, Christopher Alexander Roisin said that it is not conceivable “that the stones, which are alexandrites purchased in Minas Gerais, have this value and a draw in question the evaluation.

“I reject the request for unlocking formulas. The argument for the existence of a millionaire guarantee is impressive, but its detailed analysis reveals equally impressive doubts about its reality,” writes the magistrate.

“It is because it is exactly the company which apparently committed a crime, which attested overnight, literally, that the stones bought for R$6,000.00 are worth US$500,000,000.00. It is not conceivable, without crime (illicit act) or without lack of consent (invalid act), the acquisition of stones which would theoretically be worth 500,000,000.00 US$ for a value of R$6,000.00,” he added. .

Roisin also did not acknowledge the clerical error, alleged by Willian’s defense in an attempt to unblock the accounts, and said that while « Bigode’s » legal team defending the veracity of the documents and Xland’s guarantee , that she can prove it, since this work would not depend on Mayke.

Finally, the judge also pointed out that in the contract between the parties there is only a statement that the stones serve as ballast for Xland’s operations.

In the lawsuit against Xland and WLJC (the company of Willian Bigode which indicated investments), Mayke demands the return of the 4,583,789.31 BRL invested, also asking for an additional 3,250,443.30 BRL, which would be the profitability of the period promised in the contract by the cryptocurrency company.