ᑕ❶ᑐ ‘He misses the kick’: CBF releases Flamengo x Botafogo VAR audio over Thiago Maia’s offer that angered alvinegros

O Botafogo one postponed flamenco by 3 x 2, at the end of the afternoon (April 30), in Maracanã, in a torrid match. And one of the controversies was a verified offer to send off Thiago Maia or not.

The red-black midfielder hits Di Plácido with a powerful kick, a move that angered the alvinegros. Edina Alves Batista, in charge of commanding the game, went to VAR, but opted to keep yellow.

For the VAR example below:

“He misses the kick, you understand. He’s going to get the ball, Daiane, you see? I continue with the yellow, okay, Daiane? »

Luis Castro’s expulsion was another controversial decision. And Edina made explicit the red to the commander of Botafogo in the summary.

“For going to the home team area by behaving with gestures and striking words in the air on several occasions. After being avoided with a yellow card, he continued the attacking protests. He claimed that he did not authorize the substitution of his team, after the substitute player was ready for the act, with the substitution card given to the fourth referee,” he wrote.

« I was informed by the fourth referee that the player had said he was ready for the substitution and that he could do the same, and after lifting the substitution plate, the coach had renounced the act. for the 3rd time, repeatedly pronouncing the following words: ‘who is responsible in my team is me’, always hitting the air », he added.

After the match, in a press conference, the Portuguese coach was asked about the discussion he had with the referee and a point of view on the explicit factstating that it came into conflict after a replacement that will do.

“The referee commands his team and I command mine. I had said that I didn’t want to replace him on set pieces, because the player I was going to remove from the field is tall, like Junior Santos, and I was going to put a smaller player on the field at this time. – there,” he said.

“In (Site notre bureau spécialisé), anything can happen, and, at that moment, imagine (if it comes out), Flamengo mark. At that time, all the media would say that I was crazy, I had made a substitution at that time. My decision, I did not want to replace him at that time, I informed the referee team. So it was not to be done. I don’t allow anyone to interfere in my team, that’s all, nothing more,” he added.

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