ᑕ❶ᑐ Fábregas announces his retirement from football and reveals the next steps in his career: ‘It’s not all sadness’

At 36, Cesc Fábregas has announced his retirement from the pitch. With notable passages from arsenal, chelsea e Barcelonathe Spanish midfielder defended the colors of Asof the Italian second division.

The announcement was made via social media. Fábregas thanked and celebrated all the moments lived inside the four lines and announced that the next step in his career was to be a coach.

See Fábregas’ statement below:

It is with great sadness that the time has come to hang up the boots.

Since my debuts at Barça, Arsenal, Barça again, Chelsea, Monaco and Como, I will cherish them all. From lifting the World Cup, the Euros, winning everything in England and Spain and almost every European trophy, it was a trip I will never forget. Everyone who helped me, my teammates, coaches, managers, presidents, owners, fans and my agent. To all my family, from my parents and my sister to my wife and children, I appreciate your guidance, your admiration and your guidance. To my opponents who tried to take me down, thank you for making me stronger. It was already worth it with all the great memories and friends I made along the way. I also learned 3 languages ​​and became more compassionate and wise throughout my travels. I’ve had experiences that I never thought would come close in a million years.

But it’s no sadness that from the car now I’m going to cross the white line and start coaching the B teams and Primavera do Como 1907. A club and a project that I couldn’t be more excited about. This Charming (Site notre bureau spécialisé) team captured my heart from minute one and came to me at the perfect time in my career. I will grab it with both hands. So, after 20 incredible years filled with sacrifice, dedication and joy, it’s time to say thank you and goodbye to the beautiful game.

I loved every minute.

Throughout his career, Fábregas won 16 titles, adding to his spells at Arsenal, Cheslea and Barcelona. In addition to Como, where he hung up his crampons, the Spaniard also defended the colors of monaco.

For the Spanish national team, the midfielder was part and instrumental in the victory world Cupin 2010, in South Africa, and the second eurocupin 2008 and 2012.