ᑕ❶ᑐ Discover the new challenges that await Mbappé from January 1 at PSG!

Under contract with Paris Saint-Germain until June 30, 2024, Kylian Mbappe has not yet made a decision regarding his future. From January 1, however, the situation of the 25-year-old striker will change. Here are all the explanations!

Due to the information recently disseminated and published by different media, which speculates on alleged negotiations between the player Kylian Mbappé and our club, Real Madrid can explain that this information is completely false and that no such negotiations have occurred. live in a room where you live at PSG « . The communication was published upon its launch in November, on real Madrid a denial of new rumors and an assertion that there is no contact with Paris. Indeed, the discussions between the two parties are available and confirmed, the Madrid club is also “illegal”.

According to article 18 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, “A club signing a contract with a young professional is required to inform the player’s current club in writing before entering into negotiations with the youngster. A young professional can enter into a contract with another club, i.e. a contract with their club which is expiring or which expires within the next six months. Violation of this provision is subject to appropriate sanctions.“That’s what happened in November.

Mbappé will be able to sign a pre-contract

On the other hand, from 1he January, Mbappé served in the last six when playing against PSG. Everything will therefore change and the tricolor will be authorized not only to negotiate with the club(s) of its choice, but possibly to sign a pre-contract with one of them. This situation is inevitable and there is pressure on PSG, which creates an atmosphere of more of a monopoly on discussions with a sudden impact.

However, this situation is not new since the captain of the Blues finds himself in the same situation that began in 2022. His contrast also expired in six months at the time. Mbappé did not hesitate to flirt with Real Madrid, which was already his main candidate, and which remains a destination considered in the event of a free departure at the end of the season. Despite advanced discussions with the Merengue, who are convinced of having succeeded with the recruiter, the French had finally decided, against all attempts, to extend with PSG in May 2022. This is expected soon. there is still hope for the capital club today.

Mbappé says nothing about his son

At the time, the recovery of the situation was made difficult for the people of Madrid and President Florentino Pérez. “His dream was to play for Real Madrid (…). But with 15 days in advance (a possible signature, editor’s note), the situation is changing. This part of the cause of political pressure and the other part of the cause of economic pressure. Felt blocked and chose the simplest way to resolve the situation», regretted the Merengue boss in the show The Chiringuito few weeks later. “And there, we said to ourselves: ‘It’s not the Mbappé we wanted to recruit, it’s someone else who must have changed his dream’. He is very young, the pressure affects everything. The President of the Republic called him.»

The Mbappé article is published in the 1st editionhe January, knowing that conflicting information circulating on the interest of Real. The son of the coast, 2018 world champion, announced soon The speaker is available in the media Since his departure last summer and has left nothing transparent about his intentions. Suspense…