ᑕ❶ᑐ Cruzeiro stops and is the 1st Brasileirão team to change coach in 2023; see the oldest

UN. Departure of Paulo Pezzolano immediately after removing cruise No Mineiro Championship, despite being « agreed » behind the scenes between the coach and the board of directors since mid-December, a surprise to all those who saw in the Uruguayan one of the coaches with the most stable situation in Brazil . interview, the Fox eyes Portuguese Pedro Filipe, Pepa, as a replacement.

The announcement was also impactful for another reason: it is the first coaching change in 2023 among the teams that will contest the next Brazil Championship. With less than a month to go for Serie A, only Cruzeiro doesn’t have a set commander for the season streak.

Many works, it is true, are only at the beginning. For the 20 first division teams, 11 of the teams entered in November: Athletico PR, Atletico MG, Bahia, Corinthians, Coritiba, cuiaba, flamenco, Goias, Red Bull Bragantino, Santos e Vasco.

Only three jobs in the Brazilian elite for more than a year. Abel Ferreira is at the top of the ranking, since he reached the Palm trees in October 2020. Behind the Portuguese are Juan Pablo Vojvoda, in Fortaleza since May 2021, and Rogério Ceni, who took over Sao Paulo in October 2021.

Luis Castro, Announcement in March 2022 by Botafogo, completes the list of the oldest coaches of the same club. Since April last year, Vagner Mancini’s travels in the America-MGFernando Diniz in Fluminense and Mano Menezes in International.

Who appears in the middle is Renato Gaucho, who resumed his work at guild in September 2022 and is looking for the first full year.

See Brazil’s top coaches and how long they’ve been in charge:

  • America-MG – Vagner Mancini (since April 2022)

  • Athletico-PR – Paulo Turra (since December 2022)

  • Atlético MG – Eduardo Coudet (since November 2022)

  • Bahia – Renato Paiva (since December 2022)

  • Botafogo – Luis Castro (since March 2022)

  • Corinthians – Fernando Lázaro (since November 2022)

  • Coritiba – António Oliveira (since December 2022)

  • Cruise – without a car

  • Cuiabá – Ivo Vieira (since December 2022)

  • Flamengo – Vítor Pereira (since December 2022)

  • Fluminense – Fernando Diniz (maturity April 2022)

  • Fortaleza – Juan Pablo Vojvoda (since May 2021)

  • Goiás – Guto Ferreira (December 2022)

  • Gremio – Renato Gaúcho (since September 2022)

  • International – Mano Menezes (due April 2022)

  • Palmeiras – Abel Ferreira (since October 2020)

  • Red Bull Bragantino – Pedro Caixinha (since December 2022)

  • Santos – Odair Hellmann (due November 2022)

  • Sao Paulo – Rogério Ceni (since October 2021)

  • Vasco – Mauricio Barbieri (due December 2022)