ᑕ❶ᑐ Corinthians set name to replace Arthur Elias and deal in progress

Oh Corinthians has already chosen a replacement to lead the women’s team in 2024, taking the position left vacant by Arthur Elias when he accepted the assignment to coach the women’s team. Brazilian team feminine.

Lucas Piccinato, current commander of the Gurias Coloradas, a women’s team International, was the name chosen by Timão for this position. The São Paulo club already has an agreement with the instructor, but it still depends on an agreement with Internacional, since it will have to pay the dismissal fine, since the professional’s contract with the Rio Grande team does Everything is in sight.

The coach is 33 years old and a native of São Paulo, the capital, who began his sports career at the Olympic Center in 2011, and also served as a technical assistant and, later, in 2017, as a coach. From there, Piccinato accepted the women’s team training challenge Sao Paulowhere the rest of 2019 and 2022 takes place. In 2023, the profession is transferred to the International, to a club or to the rest of the world and also experiences a final dispute over this year’s final of the Women’s Gauchão.

At the Olympic Center, Piccinato helped former players such as Gabi Nunes and Ary Borges. The coach has on his CV the achievements of Brazil A2 and the Ladies Cup with São Paulo. As points to highlight, it presents market knowledge and proximity to the basic categories.

Alongside Piccinato, Internacional Women’s fitness coach Luiz Rodrigo de Oliveira has also already signed with Corinthians for 2024. The professional is 34 years old and has an extensive CV in this role, having played for the women’s teams. Fluminense, Hawaii/man with children, Famalicao (Portugal) and the Brazilian team of 20 months. The men come from Sport Club Jaraguá, Grêmio Esportivo Juventus, Blumenau Esporte Clube and Toledo Esporte Clube.

Search by ESPN.com.br, the Corinthians declined to comment on the matter. Officially, internationally, at the press office, a statement is made that there is no contact with the subject and a reference to commitment in the state decision: « At the moment, the club is focuses only on Gauchão’s last matches.

Behind the scenes, the club is happy with Piccinato’s work, but that has become a given. The most popular name for the situation to take the position is Camilla Orlando. The coach is part of the club’s 18-month team in 2019 and is the champion of the first Brazilian women’s edition in this category. The other name in the club’s current management is that of Jorge Barcellos, the current member of the club’s women’s team. Vasco. Internacional will have a presidential election on December 9.

Colorado athletes are not yet officially informed of the coaching department, but are still on the new middle level stage.