ᑕ❶ᑐ Braz, from Flamengo, apologizes and reaches an agreement with the deliveryman to end the case in court

An agreement between the parties ended the case involving the fight between Marcos Braz and editor Leandro Ramos last Tuesday (6).

The vice-president of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) Flamengo met the delivery man at the office of his lawyer, Rafael Matos, to formally apologize.

Accompanied by his mother and his lawyer Ani Luizi de Oliveira, Leandro accepted the request made by the leader and no longer wishes to comment on the matter.

In addition to the request, the delivery person will also benefit from extrajudicial immunization, the amount of which will remain confidential, and will waive civil action for moral damage. The first hearing on the case took place on February 27.

Braz also waived the procedure which attempted to classify the deliveryman under article 147 A of the Penal Code for “ Harass someone, repeatedly and by any means, threaten their physical or psychological integrity, restrict their ability to move or, in any way, invade or disrupt their sphere of freedom or privacy“.

Remember that on January 30, security circuit (Site notre bureau spécialisé)age leaked and were obtained by the report of ESPN. In these, the version initially given by Braz was refuted.

Official note from author Leandro Campos:

Rio de Janeiro, February 8, 2024.

These are the implicit cases of Flamengo vice-president Marcos Braz, businessman Carlos Andre and editor-in-chief Leandro Campos, we clarify that the parties involved, after a period of dialogue and mediation, reached an extrajudicial settlement. We are informing the press and the general public that both parties have agreed to close the matter.

Resolution can result in the involvement of the parties in the search for a peaceful and cooperative solution in the event of an incident. Both parties recognize the importance of resolving their differences in a constructive and respectful manner.

Following this resolution, the aura also has an additional version with this episode. The parties agreed not to disclose the details of the agreement reached, thus preserving the privacy and dignity of those involved.

We thank the press and public for respecting the privacy of the parties involved during this process.

cordial element,

Ani Luizi M. De Oliveira

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