ᑕ❶ᑐ A statement from Bellingham on the match against Real Madrid that piques curiosity!

Monday evening, Jude Bellingham, is the attribute of the Kopa trophy, which rewards the best player for months of 21 years, successor to Gavi of Barça.

Despite the fact that the Kopa first trophy counts the last year, Jude Bellingham’s performance since his arrival at Real Madrid has surely played a role in this distinction. The England international has scored 13 goals in his first 13 matches in the Spanish capital and has already brought the Merengues some notable victories in stoppage time. This was the case during the Clasico this weekend, where the midfielder ground scored a double.

A level of play that impresses me as an instructor, Carlo Ancelotti: “ We are all surprised by its Level, especially its effectiveness. The ensemble is a veteran. The son’s attitude is really good. The closer he is to the goal, the better for him. He is the player who makes the most difference. Could easily reach 20 or 25 goals» a statement from the Italian coach after the placement at FC Barcelona.

“Have a more optimistic vision of sport”

On the sidelines of the Ballon d’Or ceremony, the old man from Dortmund spoke to our colleagues in the team. During the interview, in particular its shared objectives: “ In five years I’m looking forward to the Champions League, a European Cup and now a World Cup» he first declared in a humorous tone.

Before taking a more serious tone: “ I can’t wait to see how the sport unfolds and I also hope that it will be possible.,” reveals Jude Bellingham. “ I don’t want to miss the point of the game for a game that lasts a long time, or you can enjoy a good season in the morning when you return. You have to approach every competition, every year thinking that you can win it. Otherwise, what’s the point? Difficult for thunder to have a precise number of titles, stone combinations, ice combinations. If you continue to play the way you do now, you will always be able to accept the great things you have chosen.. »

At this level of play, he could certainly achieve summers with the real thing.